Sustainable Beauty & Health Manufacturer

Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution, custom product creation, bespoke packaging design, logistics management or any combination of these, we are looking forward to partnering with you.


Share your ideas and we will make them a reality that will wow your customers, protect the environment and grow your business.

AEMS Innovation

Specializing in manufacturing custom shower steamers and bath bombs, at AE Manufacturing Solutions, we have created a platform that consolidates the entire product development process - simplifying the ideation-to-production workflow, solving problems with efficiency and expertise, and expediting your product from concept to market. AEMS is the manufacturing partner of PurelifeBiotics and also manufactures custom bath and beauty solutions for numerous other brands around the world.

Our expertise lies in bringing your ideas to life - from concept to shelf with impressive timing and results. Our bespoke services encapsulate the moment your idea comes to life, and we engage you with our designers and engineers to develop and finalize your concept into concrete renderings with material and component details all in one place.

It takes a great process to make a great product. It also takes advanced technology and experts in each product development area to bring your idea to life. We offer all of the key elements in a single place. From research to design to manufacturing to logistics, we are the only partner to bring the right product to market with confidence.

We start with the source

Understanding, predicting and even creating tomorrow's trends are key components of our ability to make certain that your business doesn't get lost in the crowd. Being able to do so with a clean social conscience just adds to the magic.

Our US-first sourcing policy ensures that only the finest ingredients are used in every product. On the rare occasion that we are unable to source from a local, organic, all-natural farm, we spare no expense in reaching out to the most progressive and environmentally-friendly suppliers in the world, guaranteeing that all of our products stay firmly in line with our principles.

No Animal Testing - Kosher Certified - Vegan Formulae - Sustainable Raw Materials - Sustainable Practices - Recycled Packaging & Marketing Materials - Carbon-Positive Shipping - Biodegradable Products


Keep a clear conscience safe in the knowledge that our products have an environmentally-positive impact.


We invested carefully in our people, and our technology so that you don't have to break the bank to carry the finest products.


We don't just offer products and services, we offer partnerships. We care about you, your business and your customers.

Our principles

On time, on budget, on point. We respect our partnership and we keep our word.

We are always loyal, honest, conscientious and respectful.

We work with you to achieve your goals, your growth and your customer's needs.

We do not tolerate defects in our products, and we would never ask you to either.

Through a balance of leading-edge technology and the care of our amazing team, we minimize costs and maximize results.

We constantly strive to improve and evolve our products and our processes. Our finest moment today is always our baseline for tomorrow.

We care for our world
and the generations that will inherit it and we have built our business on a platform of securing a better future for both.