Who Makes Bath Bombs?

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Bath bombs have taken the world by storm. By offering a delightful way to pamper yourself, this wondrous invention by the Constantines turns a simple bath into nothing short of a spa experience. 

Perhaps you’ve marveled at bath bombs and are looking to venture into the business yourself. Maybe you’re already in the business and want to elevate your customers’ bathing experiences.

Whether you want to stock bath bombs at your beauty shop or spa, a key step in your journey is knowing who manufactures the fizzy delights you offer. 

Bath bombs are a unique creation made from a blend of Epsom salts, fragrant oils, and citric acid. When dropped in water, they dissolve slowly while releasing beautiful aromas and essential oils to nourish your skin. 

So, who makes bath bombs? The bath-bomb-making process is multifaceted—from the creatives who come up with new scents and designs to the artisan who carefully mixes ingredients to create the magic that is a bath bomb.

This article takes you on the fascinating journey of the invention of bath bombs, their surging popularity, and who it is that makes them. The goal is for you to:

  • Understand what a bath bomb is and how it’s created
  • Appreciate the art and dedication that goes into this creation
  • Support ethical and sustainable manufacturers

1 - The History of Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs came into existence in the late 1980s when Mo and Mark Constantine created the first bath bomb in their garden shed.

In a quest to elevate the bathing experience from bubbles, Mo created the bath bomb—a product that has now become a popular addition to daily bath routines.

In 1995, bath bombs were made publicly available and have become a major hit as the years have rolled by. From their humble beginnings, they’ve evolved in color, shape, and scents as the demand for a more luxurious and relaxed bath increases.

When they first came out, bath bombs were a niche product—a preserve of the few who could afford the luxurious and indulgent experience of a spa. Now, they’ve grown to become a widespread enjoyment to people from all walks of life. 

This popularity can be attributed to various factors including:

  • The need for a luxurious bathing experience
  • The increased availability of bath bombs
  • The use of effective marketing campaigns

Aside from the effervescent wonder that bath bombs provide, what else makes them so special? Bath bombs provide many other benefits because:

  • They have therapeutic properties like Epsom salts that help relieve stress and muscle pain.
  • They’re enriched with nourishing ingredients like oils and minerals to hydrate and soothe the skin.

They’re the simplest and most perfect way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy.

2 - Different Manufacturers of Bath Bomb

bath bomb dissolving in water

The bath bomb industry has grown into a thriving sector with a wide variety of manufacturers—from artisans who take a hands-on approach to those who employ elaborate methods to increase efficiency. These makers can be categorized into: 

  • Wholesale manufacturers: Produce bath bombs on a large scale and then resell them to retailers and other businesses.
  • Private label: Just like wholesalers, private label manufacturers produce bath bombs in bulk. They, however, do this for other retailers, allowing them to use their own branding and pass off the products as original work.
  • Artisanal manufacturers: These are manufacturers who make handcrafted bath bombs. Their production level is small-scale and they sell directly to consumers.

From the above, one can deduce that manufacturers fall into three main types:

  • Large business
  • Small business
  • Home-based business

The table below provides a great illustration of how these three categories compare and contrast.

Feature Home-Based Business Small Business Large Business
Manufacturing facilities Manual and limited Small Large and automated
Production volume Low Moderate High
Production cost Low because of low overhead costs High because of limited production Low because of economies of scale

Where Does AE Manufacturing Solutions Fall?

AE Manufacturing Solutions offers both private-label and custom-made manufacturing.

3 - The Process of Making Bath Bombs

molding of bath bombs

The process of making high-quality and luxurious bath bombs involves a mix of science and creativity. It takes craftsmanship rather than guesswork to ensure:

  • The greatest satisfaction of the customer
  • The highest quality bath bombs
  • The support of sustainable practices

To make a standard bath bomb requires four main ingredients; baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and Epsom salt. For unique colors and scents, you need to use oils, fragrances, and colorants before molding them.

Step 1 - Mix the ingredients

In a non-reactive bowl, mix all the dry ingredients with the exception of citric acid. In a separate bowl, mix all the wet ingredients. 

Step 2 - Mix the wet and dry 

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry while adding the citric acid slowly as you go. Mix well until they gel together.

Step 3 - Molding

Pour your final mixture into a mold and freeze them. If you’re not able to freeze them, allow the bath bombs to sit in the molds before removing them and placing them on wax paper sheets to dry.

Step 4 - Packaging 

Once dry, package the bath bombs in your desired branding.

Expert Tip:

To create fun shapes and sizes, buy silicone molds. They’re available in diverse shapes and make the molding process a much smoother experience.

Are Your Bath Bombs of Great Quality?

Producing bath bombs that meet and surpass quality standards doesn’t start in the formulation stage. The first and most important stage is the sourcing of the ingredients.

As a manufacturer, you need to ask yourself:

  • How natural are these ingredients?
  • Are these dyes and colors FDA-approved?
  • Are these ingredients skin-care grade?
  • How eco-conscious are the ingredients?

It’s crucial to remember that when people use bath bombs, these ingredients make their way to not only the skin but the bloodstream as well. It’s crucial that every decision made in the bath bomb-making process is thoroughly researched and approved.

AE Manufacturing Solutions has a US-first sourcing policy that ensures only the finest ingredients are used in every product. 

On the rare occasion that they’re unable to source from a local, organic, all-natural farm, the company spares no expense in reaching out to the most progressive and environmentally-friendly suppliers in the world.

This guarantees that all of the products stay firmly in line with the company’s core principles. These principles are centered around your satisfaction, integrity, teamwork, perfection, and efficiency.

4 - Where to Purchase Bath Bombs

balls of bath bombs

When you’re in the market for bath bombs, it’s important to source them from a reputable and authorized supplier. This is the best way to ensure that:

  • The bath bombs are of high quality and don’t contain harmful ingredients
  • The bath bombs are fresh
  • The bath bombs have undergone testing and are safe as per regulatory standards

Several wholesalers offer a wide selection of bath bombs. They are easily categorized into physical stores and online stores.

  • Brick and mortar stores: Retail stores that have a physical location. Here, you can walk in and physically experience each product.

    Some people might prefer this kind of social shopping, especially if they haven’t interacted with bath bombs before. This provides the opportunity to sample the available scents and pick a favorite.

  • Online stores: The other option is purchasing your bath bombs from an online store. Unlike a physical store, shopping online offers greater convenience and access to a wider selection of bath bombs. You’re presented with an array of scents, shapes, and colors to choose from. 

The best place to purchase from will depend on you and your needs. If you need to see and touch a product before purchase, then a physical store is the best option. If you prefer convenience and a wider selection, then an online manufacturer is best.

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Choose a Reliable and Ethical Manufacturer

As a retailer looking to add bath bombs to your product line, you’ve learned how bath bombs were first birthed. You’ve also learned the procedure of making them. You understand how important it is to sell high-quality products. So how do you go about it?

Your top priority is to find a reputable manufacturer to get rid of all the guesswork—one that offers a wide range of bath bombs and a rigorous quality-checking process.

AE Manufacturing Solutions sources the best ingredients and fragrances. From ideation to production, the company has a seamless platform that simplifies the whole development process for you. 

Reach out to partner with AE Manufacturing Solutions and ensure a successful addition of bath bombs to your store shelves.

Remember, it takes a great process to make a great product. Always prioritize quality.

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