What Are the Most Popular Bath Bomb Scents?

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Imagine having a steady partner supporting you in creating the best bath bombs for your retail clientele. Every step of the way, from idea conception, to logistics, to management, and everything in between, AEMS USA is your bespoke manufacturing solutions choice.

Bath bombs were first invented in 1989 and have come a long way, especially in regards to exploring new scents and modifying existing ones. There are a variety of blended scents for whichever mood you’re in.

The best strategy for determining the most popular bath bombs for your customers is to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your favorite scent?
  • Do you want the smell to linger on your skin after the bath?
  • Would you want to indulge in a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home?

But first, it is important to understand why your clients would prefer certain scents over others.

The Psychology of Scents

Defining the most popular scents depends on varying smell perceptions. While one person may feel that vanilla is the best fragrance ever known to humankind, another person may prefer cinnamon or even patchouli.

Our olfactory systems are generally built differently and our individual perceptions of what smells wonderful and what doesn’t are elusive—they could even change tomorrow.

But what remains constant are the scents themselves. Not to get too scientific, but unlike what popular opinion suggests, cultural differences do not influence smell perception. A scent’s molecular properties largely determine if something smells good or pungent.

In short, there is a universal scent perception. So, whether you’re from America or Timbuktu, you’ll find rose flowers fragrant and dirty socks stinky.

AEMS USA intends to incorporate these amazing fruits of research into their products. To begin, the company has partnered with PurelifeBiotics to curate some of the most sustainable and custom bath bombs in the market

Deciding which scents are best for your customers depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Age group
  • Gender and personalities
  • Geographical location
  • Tastes and preferences
  • Current season

So, what are the most popular bath bomb scents?

1 - Lavender

lavender flowers in white jar on white surface

Ancient Romans preferred their baths soaked with lavender oil. As such, lavender is associated with sophistication and luxury

It has a subtle floral scent that is relaxing.

Universally, lavender is a symbol of serenity, grace, and peace. It has a calming effect that will transform ordinary showers into restful soaks.

Fun Fact: Queen Victoria loved lavender so much that she requested all her linen, floors, and furniture to be cleaned with lavender oil.

Lavender is used to deal with insomnia and induce sleep. Hotel staff use lavender oil on pillows and sheets to soothe guests to sleep.

“The lavender lulled me into a nap. Luckily I had my pillow, and nowhere I needed to be.” Tanya Ballard Brown, United States of America

lavender bath bomb next to flowers in vase

Lavender contains an aromatherapeutic compound called linalool that is used to:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Ease chronic pain from asthma and high blood pressure

Some of the company’s most celebrated lavender-infused bath bombs are Rose Bliss and Ocean Waves.

2 - Vanilla

Vanilla is the universal, archetypal happy scent. Its warmth and softness make it a favorite for all ages, genders, and personalities.

But perhaps its best-selling feature is its simplicity.

woman holding bath bomb in bathtub

Fun Fact: No two vanilla beans have the same aroma. Each vanilla scent you encounter will be different from the last.

In an all-too-complicated world, perfumistas will gravitate towards less complex flavors such as vanilla. Infusing vanilla scents into bath bombs promises your clients a calming, mature, and less dramatic experience.

Vanilla scents have a gourmand aspect that will make you reminisce on vanilla ice cream.

What is also great about vanilla bath bombs is that you can complement them with other scents, such as amber musk and citrus, to give your bath experience an extra burst of excitement.

But vanilla-scented bath bombs are not all bark and no bite. They:

  • Relieve stress
  • Boost concentration
  • Induce calm

3 - Musk

man enjoying bath

If there’s anything unanimous about musky scents, it’s that they can be overpowering if undiluted. They are heavy base notes that should be blended with other softer fragrances, such as vanilla. Our Galaxy luxury bath bombs are a perfect example of this.

"Musk was harvested from male musk deer. Nowadays, more sustainable plant substitutes provide a cleaner musky scent called white musk. We only use white musk in our bath bombs."

Musky shower bombs are best for a romantic “for him” evening soak. They are sensual and have been used as aphrodisiacs.

Soaking in a bath with our musky bath bombs is perfect before you go for that job interview or pitch that million-dollar idea to investors. Musk exudes power and “boss” vibes.

Musky scents are not for men only. Amber musk has sweet, powdery, and mellow notes that are laid back and best suited for women.

Fun Fact: Musk is considered the most heavenly scent in Islam.

4 - Coconut

woman closing eyes while enjoying soak in bathtub

If you’re looking for a tropical, exotic scent, coconut is for you. It carries a breezy and creamy feel to it that’s liberating.

Coconuts are known for their tremendous contribution to modern skincare. Infusing them into bath bombs avails not only their decadent aromas but also their wonderful skin benefits.

Coconut-scented bath bombs are your most ingenious reminder that winter is over and summer is here. During winter, coconut aromas remind you of how fun summer was or a tropical island vacation.

Floral and citrusy notes blend best with coconut scents. For instance, AEMS USA’s Tropical Oasis bath bombs fuse coconut with grapefruit to produce an enchanting fragrance.

cotton candy bath bombs

5 - Cotton Candy

The first thing you think about when you hear about cotton candy is probably kids eating it at an amusement park. Smelling like caramelized sugar may not seem so appealing, but by blending with other scents, you can customize this vibrant smell to accommodate people of all ages.

Cotton candy bath bombs look and smell good enough to eat. These scents are best for individuals wanting to enjoy a fun, playful bubble bath. Moms will love how their kids will thoroughly enjoy bath time.

woman playing with boy in bathtub

6 - Rose

Roses are the king of flowers, and a girl’s best friend (after diamonds). Rose scents are perhaps the most intensely romantic floral fragrances.

While they may be flippantly feminine, rose scents function perfectly for men, especially when blended with base notes such as musk or patchouli.

Year after year, as new perfume trends emerge, rose remains an iconic classic. It is an enduring, fresh, and scintillating scent that may sometimes fall out of season but always rises like a phantom.

pink bath bomb and lit candle

Soaking in a bath with AEMS USA’s rosy bath bombs is best for:

  • A sultry night in
  • Summer evenings and springtime
  • Lavish events such as afternoon high teas

The company’s rose-scented bath bombs smell like a freshly plucked bouquet of roses. They are the perfect gift between romantic partners for Valentine’s or anniversaries.

7 - Patchouli

Patchouli is from the mint family and smells like dry spices. It is mostly used as a base scent and blends flawlessly with other essential oils.

patchouli herbs and essential oil bottle

Like other musky scents, a little patchouli goes a long way. It is a deep, rich, earthy scent that may be overpowering. Patchouli works if you’re looking for a fragrance with longer staying power, hence its use as a fixative for other fragrances.

Bathing with patchouli-scented bath bombs can stimulate your appetite. It also works as a relief for headaches and colic.

Which Bath Bomb Scent Have You Picked?

The following table shows some of our most popular bath bomb scents:

Category Bath Bomb Scent
Flowers Galaxy, Rose Bliss Lavender, rose
Gourmand Cotton Candy, Galaxy Cotton candy, vanilla
Fruits Watermelon, Tropical Oasis Watermelon, coconut
Woods & Greens Blue Skies, Galaxy Patchouli, amber musk
Citrus Satsuma, Tropical Oasis Satsuma, grapefruit

Now that you have sufficient knowledge of which bath bomb scents are the most popular, you can make an informed decision. AEMS USA’s competent team is ready to walk with you from ideation to logistics.

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